The MMW is a travelling public exhibition that started by showcasing different collections of waste items. Over time the museum has evolved into a mobile gallery space too, allowing artists to present their work across the country in the museum. The MMW saw the inside of the car full to the brim with waste and rubbish, with different collections being showcased in each of the windows of the car. During the Coronavirus pandemic, the museum stopped off at different venues that had been closed to the public, providing a free exhibition to those interested in rubbish.


This museum was first established in 2021 during the second lockdown. Before being converted into a museum and touring the world, the Fiat Punto Grande was used for everyday travels around the Wirral. Some items in the collection even date back to early 2020 when the car was still used just for travel.


Here are some of the locations the MMW has toured so far.


The Lady Lever Art Gallery

The Walker Art Gallery

The World Museum

The Natural History Museum


The Louvre Museum

Musée D’Orsay

Musée de l’Armée

Musée d’Art Moderne


Rome Capital Modern Art Gallery

Palazzo Blu

The Brera Gallery

The Museo Egizio


The Mobile Museum of Waste Gallery Space has been filled to the brim with waste, living up to the name literally. Each of the six windows showcases the different areas of the rubbish inside, breaking them down into the different collections, with a guest artist adding to the art piece too. 

The Baggage Collection 

Window 1 starts off the exhibition by presenting to the viewer one of the most notorious examples of pollution in recent years, the plastic bag. The front of the car is packed tight with various types of plastic bag; bin bag, garden bag, shopping bags and reusable bags. 

Aisle 30 Collection 

This exhibition is brought to you by featuring artist Rob Morris and focuses around the chilled items presented by UK superstore ASDA. He looks at the food items from a curator’s perspective, analysing the packaging and contents to give an artists overview on the products.

The Clothes Collection

The fashion industry is one of the most notorious industries for waste and pollution as 92 million tons of textile waste is produced a year. This collection highlights these current issues that are slowly being tackled by popular resale apps such as Depop and Vinted. 

The Lewis Collection

This contains multiple discarded items that provide an insight into Lewis’s life. Items in this collection were left behind from long drives and everyday life, with personal ties hidden within.

The Red Collection

This collection focuses on red waste found around different areas. Whether it be the home, the car or the streets, waste is everywhere and this collection highlights the amount of rubbish you can find in just one colour.  

The Recyclable Collection

As the name suggests, the final collection in window 6 houses numerous recyclable items found around the home. The last section of this exhibition ironically shows the way forward for humanity in the battle against climate change. 



Below is some of the photographs collected surrounding the project. Photos of the museum outside the Lady Lever Art Gallery can be found, as well as advertisements for the exhibition. 

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